MINE-RAM®, an innovative solution for treatment of dust from Metals recycling

Poussieres recyclage des Metaux
Poussieres recyclage des Metaux


Collecting, transporting and sorting scrap metals generate high dust emissions. Beyond the regulatory requirements related to the protection of personnel and environmental concerns, operators are faced with materials cleanliness requirements.


RAM® Environnement has developed solutions to reduce dust emissions in the area of recycling and metals valuation. Thanks to its wide range TURBO-RAM®, and its solutions RAM-ED® & RAM®, Environnement can meet its customers’ needs in the metals valuation. Minimize raw material losses while reducing water supplies are all issues that RAM environment achieves through the use of its wetting water system that enhances the capture of fine particles, while dividing by 5 the quantities of water. The equipment investment is quickly amortized, especially taking into account the current metals market price.