MINE-RAM®, an innovative solution for treatment of mineral by spraying technology


In mines and quarries, steel industry, cement and power plants, mining, processing, treatment and handling of ores and minerals creates dust emissions. MINE-RAM® is an innovative process created by RAM® Environnement to bring down these dusts of mineral origin with a not ionic and biodegradable active solution. At the same time RAM® Environment has developed specific applications MINE-RAM® to manage all dusty or powdery products: rocks, coal, ores, clinker, phosphate, in ports, construction, for the open-air storage...

MINE-RAM® guarantees the elimination of harmful inhalables and alveolar dusts.

The process allows :

  • Work in favorable conditions;
  • Preserve the environment;
  • Protect the materials;
  • Improve the monitoring and maintenance;
  • Reduce downtime;
  • Increase production and efficiency;

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