International Anti-Dust Standards:

According to the BREF (European Referencing Bureau) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S.A.), dust suppression is referred to as BAT (Best Available Technology), which makes it clear that it is the best technique to be used to combat the nuisance caused by dust in the crushing, cementing, tracks, stock-piles, etc. occupations

The use of wetting agent (or absorbent product) improves dust collection while reducing water consumption, with a very low energy consumption, making it the most suitable technology (BAT) => video test wettability.

European legislation on air quality and emissions is applied in most African countries (even with recent drastic mining laws in place since 2007 in Algeria, Tunisia, Arabia, the UAE and Israel since 2010) and in preparation in Morocco and in a large number of African countries.

The protest of local residents (often at the periphery of mining sites) and the operators' health concerns (to protect exposed workers) are also deciding factors to investments in systems to protect individuals and employees, and thus improve the working atmosphere. The objectives of certification to ISO standards also require going through these investments. Customers such as Lafarge, Cemex, Heidelberg, Holcim, Buzzi, ItalCementi, Eurovia, Bouygues, Eramet, Total, Areva (etc.) have systematized this approach in all their sites around the world.